Unplugged – I took the challenge

Motivated by the challenge set before me in fellow bloggers post: Project Unplugged: Can you disconnect from technology? I decided I would sever my ties from electronics for the evening. How’d I do?

As I had mentioned I had great apprehension. I thought maybe it would go away as the night wore on & I got used to the idea. After all, other people had commented on how liberating it felt during their technology sabbatical. I wanted this experience so badly for myself. Here’s what I learned…

With my DH being out for the evening it was just me and the lil’girlie. I assumed we would play like never  before, bond beyond words, and have a magical night. Instead, 2yr old independence was running this evening. I sat with her on the floor (which I often do anyway) and grabbed a toy to interact with her. She didn’t want me to play with her toys and promptly ripped them out of my hands. In fact she didn’t want to play with me at all, and seemed rather annoyed that I was interfering. So I just observed.  It really impressed upon me how grateful I am to have a child that is happy to entertain herself. (Sharing seems to be an issue – but we’ll work on that).

Without DH, & a little girl who wanted to do her own thing, the house was quiet and lonely. (I had even opted to remove TV or music from my repertoire). At this point – and MANY points throughout the night I LONGED for my phone. I just wanted to see what everyone was doing. I had purposely left it upstairs as I knew the temptation would be too much. It taunted me with its little ting-tingings of email, FB messages, & txts. Ugh!!  But we continued on… dinner, more play time, a book or 2.  I even took a needle & thread to a pillow that was losing it’s stuffing – Gasp!!  I spent time rocking the girlie before bed.

I was dreading bedtime the most. Without ALL sources of entertainment what would I do?  Going to bed myself, would be my only choice to survive this lonely-fest. I thought about doing so, but then stopped to put the final touches on a custom order I had been working on. Then I found myself beginning a 2nd custom order I had waiting in the wings. Oh and why not work on these bracelets I have sitting here too….  And then it struck me: during creative endeavors, I’m completely unaware, free, and liberated. I don’t long for anything. Even the alarms of my phone have no hold on me. My sabbatical had arrived.

The evening taught me that technology’s grip could be broken. I learned that I use my phone and computer mostly to pass time in-between tasks. I enjoyed my quality time with my daughter. But it wasn’t much different from any other night. I think the most freeing aspect of my evening was realizing that I had more will-power than I thought I could muster. And I actually started at 5:00pm last night and didn’t look at an electronic device until 7:00am this morning. And now that I have…. I didn’t miss much…..

Have you unplugged?  How did you survive?  What was your experience?


About Jenny Bagwill

You know those milestone moments in your life where the course you were going completely jolts you into reevaluating all you think or believe? Mine came in 2010 along with a precious baby girl. My healthy pregnancy, produced a baby with many internal defects unveiling themselves after birth like a stack of falling dominos. We lost track of her surgery count once we hit double digits. By the grace of God, our little fighter has survived an open heart surgery as well as a liver transplant along with a myriad of tests, blood work, and medical visits. She’s doing quite well, and we share her journey here: http://www.lilsophie.wordpress.com I hope you take the time to read about our girlie and possibly leave a word of encouragement. My milestone moment (that has continued over the last 2 years), presented many idle hospital hours where I used my time to make hair clips for our little girl who battled to live. It also crossed my path with numerous families in many heartbreaking situations. This is when I decided to use my creativity to do what I can to help others. I try to use my God-given talents to encourage and inspire others which you’ll see me blog about here. I also make a lot of custom pieces to raise awareness of illnesses, syndromes, and diseases that may hit close to home with you. As you’ll see my pieces often contain encouraging words – things hard to say to others in the midst of their dark place. You can view, shop, or place a custom order at here at my JeWeL 4U Etsy Shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/jewel4u And because our Lil’Sophie has had a liver transplant I always encourage others to consider registering to give the gift of life: http://www.organdonor.gov View all posts by Jenny Bagwill

5 responses to “Unplugged – I took the challenge

  • Breann

    I often wonder if I could do it. But like you discovered, I find if I’m engaged in a creative task, or doing work out at our lake property, I completely forget about my phone. It’s a good feeling. Our daughter Riley even forgets about her phone for a while out there. (The 4-wheeler helps with that!)

  • jamily5

    Good job. Actually, you were better than I was because I turned off my IPhone completely. I couldn’t hear it ping and not want to check it. Glad that you got work done — even if your LO didn’t want to cooperate to make it a great experience. Family! What can you say?

    • lilsophie's mom

      I only kept it on since we don’t have a home phone, only cell phones. And I’m always paranoid there will be some family emergency if I turn it off completely. I would have never survived an entire day. I don’t have enough will power to endure that length of time.

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    […] also provide an opportunity to focus on tasks that fare better without distractions. SSBE reader Lil Sophie’s Mom from The Bathroom Floor found herself in such circumstances when she unplugged for the evening as well. With a baby in bed […]

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