Magic Glos Jewelry Art Party

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I hosted my 1st ‘pay it forward art party’. I had 2 ladies and my stepdaughter gathered in my kitchen to make some necklace pendants with Lisa Pavelka’s Magic-Glos™.  I think it was fun. At least they said it was and asked that I host another one.

The prerequisite for the “pay it forward” party was that they had to make 2 items. One pendant for themselves to take home and one for someone else with an encouraging message. It could be for someone they already knew or it could be for a stranger. They left the one’s for strangers with me to sell in the Etsy shop (portions of the proceeds going towards local charities). All the pendants turned out great – I think they even surprised themselves as they shared their creations.

And for me, I’m pleased to know that they had a great time – but even more so, I’m thrilled to think that people (who were not at the event and don’t know a thing about it), will be blessed by these encouraging works of handmade art.

Great job everyone!  I’m so proud of you!

Below is a slideshow of a few pics from the evening. If your receiving this by email, I’m not sure how it will translate. So if you can’t see pics and want to I encourage you to visit the original post at

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About Jenny Bagwill

You know those milestone moments in your life where the course you were going completely jolts you into reevaluating all you think or believe? Mine came in 2010 along with a precious baby girl. My healthy pregnancy, produced a baby with many internal defects unveiling themselves after birth like a stack of falling dominos. We lost track of her surgery count once we hit double digits. By the grace of God, our little fighter has survived an open heart surgery as well as a liver transplant along with a myriad of tests, blood work, and medical visits. She’s doing quite well, and we share her journey here: I hope you take the time to read about our girlie and possibly leave a word of encouragement. My milestone moment (that has continued over the last 2 years), presented many idle hospital hours where I used my time to make hair clips for our little girl who battled to live. It also crossed my path with numerous families in many heartbreaking situations. This is when I decided to use my creativity to do what I can to help others. I try to use my God-given talents to encourage and inspire others which you’ll see me blog about here. I also make a lot of custom pieces to raise awareness of illnesses, syndromes, and diseases that may hit close to home with you. As you’ll see my pieces often contain encouraging words – things hard to say to others in the midst of their dark place. You can view, shop, or place a custom order at here at my JeWeL 4U Etsy Shop - And because our Lil’Sophie has had a liver transplant I always encourage others to consider registering to give the gift of life: View all posts by Jenny Bagwill

2 responses to “Magic Glos Jewelry Art Party

  • Amy W

    It was so much fun to be part of the party. I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.

  • Erin Keane

    I like the idea of Pay It Forward–I’ll actually be posting a similar theme on my blog soon. The pendants are very sweet and look like fun to make. It’s been a while since I’ve visited your blogs, since they don’t show up on my “Blogger Dashboard,” but it looks like Sophie is feeling pretty good lately! That is great! Fingers are crossed for the new year….

    Wanted to give you a nudge–the Journal Fodder Junkies have new challenges out. You should check them out! Visual journaling is so therapeutic. Best, Erin

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