Typical “Good” Night @ the Hospital

8:00-10:00pm 2hrs of standing @ Sophie’s bedside trying to get her to sleep. She cries every time I walk away. Even if she’s asleep, 30 seconds after I sit down she pops her eyes open, sees I’m not standing there and we start all over again.

10:00pm-2:45am We both sleep. Heavenly

2:45am S awake. I find nurse to tell her she’s awake & nows a good time for vitals (that’s what the nurse told me to do). She says ok, but she never came to take them until 2 hours later.

Feed S bottle, change 3 diapers, and spend the remaining 2 hrs bedside trying to get S back to sleep.

5:00am S asleep….ahhhhh

5:05am enter nurse waking S for vitals that I had mentioned 2 hrs ago

5:30am S back to sleep

6:00am enter nurse waking S for meds

6:05am exhausted S falls immediately back to sleep

6:15am enter Tech waking S for weight check. This involves stripping S down to a diaper, get weight, reclothe her, reswaddle all her bedding and get her situated to return to sleep. All of which I did at lightening speed as to try and return her to sleep as quickly as possible.

6:25am S back to sleep

6:30am enter Tech waking S because she needed to check a piece of paper that had nothing written on it

6:35am S asleep

6:40am enter Hemotology to stab S in the foot to draw blood

6:50am S asleep – enter Dr who respectfully sees that and leaves her sleeping

7:00am enter Tech AGAIN!!! Wants to wake S to measure her belly. I said No, you can wait until she’s awake. As Tech leaves she wakes S. I found Dr so she could get exam done while belly is measured.

An hour and a half later I finally get S to sleep.

And now we are starting a parade of new people because of shift change. Time to start all the exams over again.

I wonder what the sleep schedule is like in prison?


About Jenny Bagwill

You know those milestone moments in your life where the course you were going completely jolts you into reevaluating all you think or believe? Mine came in 2010 along with a precious baby girl. My healthy pregnancy, produced a baby with many internal defects unveiling themselves after birth like a stack of falling dominos. We lost track of her surgery count once we hit double digits. By the grace of God, our little fighter has survived an open heart surgery as well as a liver transplant along with a myriad of tests, blood work, and medical visits. She’s doing quite well, and we share her journey here: http://www.lilsophie.wordpress.com I hope you take the time to read about our girlie and possibly leave a word of encouragement. My milestone moment (that has continued over the last 2 years), presented many idle hospital hours where I used my time to make hair clips for our little girl who battled to live. It also crossed my path with numerous families in many heartbreaking situations. This is when I decided to use my creativity to do what I can to help others. I try to use my God-given talents to encourage and inspire others which you’ll see me blog about here. I also make a lot of custom pieces to raise awareness of illnesses, syndromes, and diseases that may hit close to home with you. As you’ll see my pieces often contain encouraging words – things hard to say to others in the midst of their dark place. You can view, shop, or place a custom order at here at my JeWeL 4U Etsy Shop - http://www.etsy.com/shop/jewel4u And because our Lil’Sophie has had a liver transplant I always encourage others to consider registering to give the gift of life: http://www.organdonor.gov View all posts by Jenny Bagwill

3 responses to “Typical “Good” Night @ the Hospital

  • Stacey Christen

    You poor things!!!! Do you have any hair left, or have you pulled it all out?!!! Hopefully, the fever will break and you can all go HOME today, enter into a comatose state, and sleep for a WEEK!

  • Kerrigan

    so sorry . Hopefully you can get some sleep once you are settled bake at home.I wish nurses and drs would listen to the parents more often.
    glad she is still doing well.
    thinking of you all.

  • Mary D

    I’m glad you won’t be finding out what the sleep schedule in prison is like. Thank God Sophie has a caring mom and dad that will protect her even from the hospital staff.

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